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Farm to table dining for anyone and everyone

Gather features small, medium and large plates of fresh goodness, craft beers, extensive wine program, hand-crafted cocktails, retail wines and beers, and a deli.

We are a true farm-to-table restaurant and deli, sourcing directly from local farmers and producers who use natural, sustainable methods.

Our lunch service begins at 11 a.m., Monday through Saturday and runs until 5 p.m. when dinner service begins.  Our dinner service continues until 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

We have two rooms available for events for up to 50 people, with audio/visual capabilities.

We are WiFi-Friendly and welcome you to come in, plug in, and relax, meet, or work.

We'd love to serve you!

About Gather

Welcome to Gather Americana Restaurant, the local restaurant with big ideas. We're big on locally, sustainably, naturally grown food. Our chefs prepare it fresh for you from scratch. Clean, crisp flavors, innovative dishes, with a dose of top notch comfort food thrown in for good measure. Come see our living walls, with greens and shoots that might end up on your plate. Check out our extensive Wisconsin artisanal cheese and charcuterie selection. Enjoy our creations in small, medium and large portions. Eat as much or as little as you want. Share.

What's that? Drink? Well...we have a rotating selection of 24 craft beers on tap and dozens more in bottles. Our wine selection is honed to local tastes. Want to explore wines? Try our half-pours and flights. Prefer a real, hand crafted cocktail? Our expert mixologists will amaze you with creations featuring locally distilled and artisanal spirits.

Come Gather with us!

Meet Our Team

John Chastain


John is passionate about supporting local, natural food and those who produce it. He believes that you and your family will be healthier eating clean food, untainted by hormones, antibiotics and chemicals.  Science has proven this to be true.

John conceived Gather Americana as more than a restaurant. Gather is a multi-platform business designed to support local food in many ways, from our food service featuring the best of natural foods, to deli options featuring local producers--including a mini "green market" retailing some of the very vegetables and proteins served at Gather's tables, to events pairing these foods with local craft beers and excellent wines, to being a drop-off point for local farm CSAs.

But John also believes that life is about balance.  Hence, the fabulous Gather Bar, featuring 24 craft draft beers, more than 60 other bottled and canned craft beers, a finely tailored wine selection, an extensive assortment of distilled spirits, and crafty bartenders to put all the pieces together for you.

What's new in John's world?  Well, in July, Gather opened the deli and breakfast service, and will soon debut the Gather outdoor patio.  Stay tuned.  We hold regular beer and wine pairings and farm-to-table events.

There are many, many reasons and rewards for supporting Gather Americana.  It's not about John.  It's about you, your family, your health and your happiness.2014-06-18 20.00.44

More profiles coming soon.


Sean Casey, Gather's Master Mixologist

Bartenders are an interesting breed.  Sean is interesting even for a bartender.  He's a long-distance runner with short legs and a wee bit of a paunch. He's a Lego fanatic with a massive assortment of creations. He's an encyclopedia of all things bar-related. He's the most technically skilled bartender we've ever seen.  And he makes the best cocktails in town.

Sean created Gather's cocktail menu, many of which require house-made elixirs, sours, syrups, infusions and cordials.  Sean made those elixirs, sours, syrups, infusion and cordials.  Hell, the guy even cooks his bloody Mary base.

For a recent beer dinner he created a beer cocktail to the third degree, by which we mean that he didn't just try to mix spirits with beer. He reduced a very special beer down, added sugar and spices and vodka to fortify it and created a cordial that he mixed in a tumbler--that he smoked over a cedar plank--with Bulleit bourbon to create the best Manhattan this side of...Manhattan. It was a drink that we'll remember for as long as we can remember.

What else to know about Sean?  He's a Detroit Lions fan, which we'll just have to write off as an accident of birth, i.e., born in the wrong place. He is very rarely stumped when it comes to anything bar related. He brings his own bag of bar tools to work. He can't stand a messy bar. And he'd like to have a petting zoo outside the bar.  We don't know why.

You can see Sean in a mid-November edition of the Appleton Post-Crescent's "Hey Bartender". He's acquiring a bit of notoriety, and we don't mind that.

We invite you to come on in and put Sean to the test. There's a pretty good chance he can create a cocktail that's perfect for your taste. We're proud to call him our Master Mixologist.

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Tasty goodness, farm to table!


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